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Kevin Hart Doesn't Just Make Comedy History, He Now Makes History In The Film Industry!

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If you haven’t noticed, comedian Kevin Hart has been breaking records, as we have been reporting for the past couple of weeks, ever since his release of his independent film Laugh At My Pain by Codeblack Entertainment. Now it seems that not just comedy history was being made, now HISTORY is being made as Pain is shattering records never before set by an independant film released on limited theatrical engagements.

Here is the report from Indie Wire (one of the leading websites that reports on the film industry) that sums it all up;

“Finally, comedian Kevin Hart continued to find fantastic numbers at the box office with his “Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain,” an independently released movie version of his 2011 comedy tour. The film dropped from 248 to 188 screens and grossed another $275,570. That made for a $1,466 average and a stellar new total of $7,365,474, truly making it one of the most substantial indie success stories of the year.”

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  1. Tiyatti Speight

    He deserves it. Working with a great team and hustling hard earns great rewards.

    • abby

      i agree

  2. ComedianStevieMack

    If we don’t tell our story somebody else will, and in the past we’ve seen how that turns out. Big props to Humor Mill for continuing to tell OUR story!

  3. Comedian Sonny Spoon

    Real Proud of Kevin Hart’s Accomplishments he deserves any and all recognition for moves he is making. Good Job Kev! Keep Up
    The Good Work…Things like this is why LouddMouth Comedy Is & We Support You! Sonny

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