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Jonathan Slocumb’s ‘Cuss Free Comedy’ Joins Top Family Stand-Up Comedy Channel LaughUSA On SiriusXM

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The newest chapter of African American stand-up comedy has begun! Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy, a new brand that provides a platform for African American clean comedians. It was announced today the launch of their new stand-up comedy show to be featured on SiriusXM top comedy family channel LaughUSA.

Jonathan Slocumb gets his shot to bring along a slew of diverse clean comedians such as;  AJ Jamal, Rodney Perry, Small Fire, Ceto Rodriquez, Marc Patrick, Anthony Griffith and a host of others.  Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy will add diversity to the meaning of LaughUSA theme, Comedy For Everyone. Cuss Free Comedy is being featured on the mainstream platform of SiriusXM that reaches 37 million listeners monthly.

Speaking about the comedy show, Jonathan Slocumb, founder/co-owner of Cuss Free Comedy commented, “At the end of the day, everybody should laugh! And everybody should have the choice to enjoy the kind of comedy that they prefer. That’s what we’re here for. If you are uncomfortable or offended by the usage of profanity but want to laugh? CUSS FREE COMEDY is your Destination!”

Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy dispels the notion that all black comedy is one dimensional. Also, mentioning that the absence of profanity leads to corny and not funny.

“There is nothing cheesy or campy about Cuss Free comedians,” stated co-owner Alvin Williams.  “I’ve watched Jonathan Slocumb and other clean comedians work for decades in front of audiences of all ages from 18 to 85, joking about; family, work, relationships, marriage, kids and even politics to millions of people.  Cuss Free comedians still bring the extreme funny, they simply don’t use profanity. Funny is and will always be funny” ended Williams.

If you want to listen to Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy and don’t have SiriusXM. Don’t worry, visit and receive a Free Three-Month Trial.

You will be able to listen to, Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy starting daily this Monday, August 3rd thru Friday August 6th at 5PM EST.

For more information about Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss Free Comedy visit or send an email to

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