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It's Official- Love That Girl Gets Renewed For New Season!

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We just discovered that TV One is moving forward with another season of the comedy sitcom titled Love That Girl (which stars former Fresh Prince Of Bel Air alum Tatyana Ali).

Girl is a sitcom from comedian and actor Martin Lawrence and scribe Bentley Kyle Evans (show creator), which stars Ali stars as a divorcee who moves back to Southern California to work with her father (actor Phil Morris) in the real estate business. Alphonso McAuley co-stars as her unemployed brother, while Kendyl Joi plays her best friend.

We are not sure of the official order number yet, but we know for certain the show is cming back to TV One, and if it performs like it has the episode order will be huge.

Stay tuned!

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  1. 4reaal

    Well glad TV one is keeping it alive but sorry to say the show is just not funny. Alphonso is probably the funniest character on the show thank god.

    • Dakevster

      This show is terrible. Just goes to show that you can throw anything in front of black people. That last season with all of those stereotypical characters was so stupid. And this ish got another season.

  2. Stephanie

    How on earth did they get this show to come back on? Did Martin Lawrence put up some money or something first it was cancelled and NOW its back again! No offense I like Ms Ali but this show is crap.

  3. Jen

    I like the show, thought it was funny, and a break from the reality stuff. Can’t wait for the next season!

  4. Smiley

    I like the show – hope it returns.

  5. Brenda

    I love,love this show and glad it will be another season,hope there will be many more,love all the actors,actresses,my fav is,the secretary,can’t spell the name

  6. Mei Sherman

    I love this show. Mei husband and I tune in to each episode religiously and all the re-runs. What a funny and refreshing show. I met Ali during Black History Month at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. She asked if we would tune in to her sitcom. I did and have been hooked on laughter ever since. I can’t wait until Season 4 begins!

  7. Faith

    Love the show! Immunique is hilarious! I think they need to just let her loose and see what happens!

  8. solosb

    I really do love this show!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sherry Coty

    Wow… Suprised at some of the bad comments about this show…. I love this show . I think the show is very funny…. hope it come’s back fr another season

  10. roy c

    hope the show come back for 2013 please find out thanks

  11. kuta kenta morrow

    love the show so much of course i love all the actors and actresses my all time favorite in the world is always martain u the man love u yall keep up the great work glad yall back cant wat till Oct. haha its my bday month good job

  12. jeff

    seems ghetto and stereo typical

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