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It's Confirmed- The Boondocks Are Set To Return For A Fourth Season!

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Several months ago, we reported that Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks was rumored to return to Adult Swim for a fourth season. With interviews being posted by Regina King, Corey Holcomb and several insiders, it seemed that the animated series was set to move forward, and today it was announced that that is true.

Check out the article sent to us;

Since the debut of the first season in 2005, The Boondocks has been one of Adult Swim’s most popular and critically acclaimed series. The Peabody Award-winning animated series is based on Aaron McGruder’s comic strip by the same name. Produced by Rebel Base in association with Sony Pictures Television, The Boondocks returns with a new season on Adult Swim.

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  1. ingrid j

    I just want to say that i sure wish that comedey central would stop playing games with the show. Damn first of all its one of the best animations out here and second we don’t even have alot for black people any ways wright always got black cartoons that depict us as black as tar but not the boondocks. Mr. Aaron u really make us beautiful un-like that racist seth whatever his name is who does the clevland racist show & u no this. Anyway please keep up the good work can’t wait to c u in 2013.

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