Is The Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle 'Watch The Throne Comedy Tour' Back On?

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Chris Rock & Dave CHappelleSeveral months ago, we reported that the famed duo of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were thinking about doing a tour together, and several weeks after that, word came to us that they were having difficulty because of scheduling. We even heard that Chappelle was backing out.

Now, all of that seems to have changed.

According to many reports it seems that Chappelle and Rock made an extremely rare appearance last night in New York. Chappelle was joined on stage by Rock- according to the The Comic’s Comic (they were there) and they went at it on stage at The Comedy Cellar.

If you didn’t know, Chappelle has spent the past week in New York, dropping by the famed club to test new material. Late Tuesday night, after midnight, the comedian took the stage for a solo 45-minute set and then was joined unexpectedly by Rock.

The duo spent an hour loosely zinging jokes back and forth, going after Seth MacFarlane and Jay-Z’s friendship with Barack Obama. Rock texted Jay-Z around 1:30 a.m. and asked if the rapper would like to get some spaghetti. Jay-Z didn’t respond, so Rock and Chappelle rang up Lenny Kravitz and Arsenio Hall and left voice-mails.

Chappelle and Rock even teased the crowd by suggesting a joint tour. “Come out to Oakland,” Chappelle said to Rock. Replied Rock, “You should come down to West Palm.” Chappelle responded, “After next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years.”

Rock noted that he’s busy with a new film this spring but left things open. “By Halloween, I could do dates,” he said.

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