Is Mehcad Brooks Finally Set To Play 'Luke Cage'?


According to our sources, (and as we heard a a couple of months ago in our first report) Marvel is closing in on a deal to have actor Mehcad Brooks play super hero Luke Cage in the new web series slated for Netflix to be released 2015.

Filming is set to begin in New York later this year.

The press release that was distributed states that the new Marvel series represents the largest film or television production project commitment in New York State history with filming that will create at least three thousand jobs in New York State including up to 400 full time jobs.

The series will include nearly 60 one-hour episodes focused on the 4 Defenders characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones,Iron Fist, and of course, Luke Cage.

Last November Disney and Netflix announced an unprecedented deal for Marvel TV to bring multiple original series of live-action adventures of four of Marvel’s most popular characters, exclusively to Netflix, beginning in 2015. As stated then the agreement calls for Marvel to develop four serialized programs totaling 52 one-hour episodes, culminating in a four to eight episode mini-series programming event.

The series is focused on several heroes, starting with Daredevil, then followed by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and finally Luke Cage. According to the news, the epic will unfold over multiple years of original programming, taking viewers deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, thirteen-episode series and a mini-series event, in which the Marvel characters from the first four series team up as The Defenders, much like The Avengers.

No official word from Marvel on any of the casting, but as the news leaks to us, we will let you know!

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Source: Press release & Shadow& Act

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