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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Social Media Sensation & Film Maker Juhahn Jones!

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We had a chance to get in a quick chat with social media star Juhahn Jones and talk to him about how he got started in comedy, and how he was able to create and distribute his own film! If you are not familiar, Jones created You Married Dat?! a film which he created from one of his hit popular sketches You Hittin’ Dat?!, that had combined views of over 45 million playbacks! The film, now being self-distributed by Jones and his company, is about to launch nationally with distribution!

With that, is Hollywood taking a look yet at this modern-day version of Rudy Ray Moore? After all, like Moore, Jones has stated and created a brand from nothing and now has to have Hollywood’s attention, right? If they aren’t paying attention, Jones will still do it all himself as he’s clearly on a path to success.

Anyway, check out the interview below;

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