Dave Chappelle Performed Live In New York, Urging Audiences To Come Back

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Written by Giana Levy

Dave Chappelle performed a series of comedy shows in New York to “put the spotlight on live shows and say comedy is back.”

Flying in from Ohio, Chappelle performed for two nights at The Stand in Union Square sharing the stage with Chris Rock for half an hour on Tuesday (May 18). Michelle Wolf and Trevor Noah were a part of the comic line-up as well.

“I know Dave wanted to come back to New York and put the spotlight on live shows and say comedy is back,” venue owner Paolo Italia told several outlets. “He wanted to be part of that moment. I think what he did was great not just for our club, but for all of comedy. He truly does care.”

“We all need people to come back into the clubs and see the shows. Everyone — music, Broadway — everything,” Italia added.

An attendee told reporters that Chappelle was “hilarious,” and had a back and forth with Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew, who was in the crowd after announcing his bid for New York Governor.

“Chapelle asked Andrew what he did and he told him ‘I’m saving New York State,’” the attendee  said. It was unclear if Chappelle knew who Andrew was.

Questlove, DJ D-Nice and former Chappelle’s Show comic Donnell Rawlings were also in the crowd at the show.

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