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Damon Williams To Premiere New Show On Urbanflix Titled ‘Laugh Tonight with Damon Williams’

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We just discovered the news that comedian and host Damon Williams will be hosting a new show, titled Laugh Tonight with Damon Williams.

The show is set to be will be twelve 1 hour episodes that will feature three comedians and a celebrity interview in each episode. We hear that the scheduled comedians will perform for at least 10 minutes and a three-minute interview. There are also celebrity comedians attached such as Cedric The Entertainer, Deon Cole, Michael Blackson, DeRay Davis, JB Smoove and more.

As you might expect, those comedians mentioned above who have existing Netflix deals can’t contractually perform, but they have agreed to at least do some interviews on the show.

The show is scheduled to be produced and filmed on  Oct 29,30,31 at the Riddles Comedy Club, in a small intimate traditional club setting.

The show will premiere on the new OTT platform known as Urbanflix in about three months after being filmed.

More details soon!

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