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Comics Tony Roberts, Damon Williams, Rodney Perry & Faizon Love Lead New Belize Comedy Show!

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One of our favorite comedians Tony Roberts told us about this last year and now it looks like its coming to pass; a comedy tour/show in Belize! According to our conversation last year, the city officials ended up organizing a comedy festival/tour where they are seeking tourists from America to come visit on a regular basis, and to kick things off they bought down Roberts with comedians Damon Williams, Rodney Perry and Faizon Love. The show was eventually titled Bustin’ Out In Belize and has plans for a major launch over the internet via a live broadcast!

We also heard that Roberts got the key yo the city and along with the other comedians, had a blast! Check out the trailer and stay tuned, because if things go right, the tour/comedy show should kicks off as planned at the end of the year!

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