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Comedians AG White And “Brooklyn” Mike Troy Launch The Brooklyn Comedy Festival!

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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new urban comedy festival launching in Brooklyn, New York in a couple of days appropriately titled The Brooklyn Comedy Festival!

The festival was created by veteran comedians A.G. White and “Brooklyn” Mike Troy, both of whom have been doing comedy for more than 15 years and collectively are the Kings of New York with the many events that they have produced over the years. If you love comedy and you live in New York then chances are you have been to-and heard- about their shows.

This new festival will feature comedians from all over the country and will kick off at the Inkwell Jazz and Comedy Club which is located at 1165 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216. (718) 926-0091. There will be 3 shows which will take place over the course of 2 nights and kick off Thursday 12/10 (8PM) and Friday 12/11 (8PM & 10PM).

No official word on who the comedians who are scheduled to perform but as we stated you should expect a great show with some great entertainment. Music for the show will be provided by DJ K Swift and the show is powered by Dare To Dream Productions.

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