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Clayton Thomas On Board As A Consultant On 6th Season Of 'Wild N'Out!' & Lends Hand On The Arsenio Hall Show!

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It seems that good things due come to those who wait; we discovered a couple of days ago that comedian Clayton Thomas was recently hired as one of the new consultants for the new upcoming seasons Of MTV2’s Wild N ‘ Out!

But that good news doesn’t end there; we also heard that Thomas, who was recently spotted as Arsenio Hall’s man-on-the street might be able to become a permanent fixture on The Arsenio Hall Show! That would be a great thing since Hall’s rating have declined recently but Thomas and some of the new comedians (comedians like Owen Smith) who have come on board may be able to move that needle up!

Either way, stay tuned as the news on Thomas is still developing!

Nick Cannon and Clayton Thomas on set

Clayton Thomas on the street interviewing pedestrians for The Arsenio Hall Show

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  1. Gloria McCollum

    That’s foolishness, Monique’s show was the only show I watched consistently on BET

  2. what da hell

    The show HAS NO RATINGS!!!!! It doesn’t get even a million viewers nightly, The person that said its the only show they watch consistently… its you and 499k other people. That’s not enough from a business perspective. Plus the show makes me want to eat watermelon, fry chicken and learn to tap dance while reading scriptures! It’s coon-foonery and I wouldn’t have it on if I was in a coma… It would actually wake me up or flatline me!!! Good Bye Good Riddens! Give Chris SPencer A SHOT HE’s classier , He’s funnier and I think a few white people might actually watch him too.

  3. ComedianStevieMack

    Wow! Eating watermelon, frying chicken and learning to tap dance while reading scriptures, we better get you on America’s Got Talent fast!

  4. Joann

    She should try her hand at another acting gig because she is out of her league in the talk show arena

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