Chris Spencer To Host New Comedy Series On BET+ Titled ‘All The Way Black’

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Today, BET+ announces that its new comedy series ALL THE WAY BLACK, hosted by actor/comedian Chris Spencer (@therealchrisspencer), will launch exclusively on the streaming service Thursday, June 4 across all platforms. Viewers can binge the first half of the season on 6/4, with the second half being released at a later date. Rich in nostalgia, half-hour episodes string together clips that focus on a theme and are punctuated by hilarious color commentary of iconic moments in black pop culture from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

This season boasts a bevy of guest appearances including Kevin Frazier (@kevinfrazier), Donnell Rawlings (@donnellrawlings), SlinkJohnson (@slinkjohnson), LisaRaye McCoy (@threallraye1), Affion Crockett (@affioncrockett), Tony Baker (@tonybakercomedy), Torrei Hart (@torreihart), Alex Thomas (@funnymanalexthomas), Walter Emanuel Jones (@walterejones), Arnez J. (@arnezjcomedy), Chaunte Wayans (@cwayans), Red Grant(@redgrant), Pretty Ricki (msprettyricki), Flex Alexander (@FlexAforreal) and more!

  • EP101 – IT’S MY HOUSE: Rules, rules, rules – there are a lot of them when growing up black. Let’s revisit the most memorable black household do’s and don’ts from when we were kids.


  • EP102 – DON’T PLAY YASELF: Double Dutch down memory lane as we reminisce on the beloved games from our childhood; playing the Dozens, dominoes, Uno, spades and many more.


  • EP103 – HOT CHOCOLATE: Get ready to swoon over the finest baes and hot boys from back in the day. Celebrities like Prince, Halle, Wesley, Pam and Naomi sizzle in this episode dedicated to black beauty.


  • EP104 – IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Grab some popcorn, a little Kool-Aid and adjust that antennae on your tube as we explore the evolution of the Black family sitcom.


  • EP105 – HAIR WE GO Y’ALL: Afros and cornrows, high tops and hair weaves…we celebrate the hairstyles that flex the creativity and love for our hair.


  • EP106 – MUST BE THE MONEYFrom “The Juice” to “Air Jordan” this episode spotlights the sports stars who paved the way for today’s big money celebrity endorsements and catchiest ad campaigns.

ALL THE WAY BLACK is produced by the Nacelle Company; Brian Volk-Weiss, Cisco Henson, Royale Watkins, Robin Henry and Ben Frost serve as executive producers. All episodes are directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, Devon Shepard, Kris Simms and Royal Watkins.

To binge ALL THE WAY BLACK, sign up for a free 7-day trial at Follow @betplus on social media and join the conversation using the hashtag #AllTheWayBlack.


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