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Check Out The Set Visit For ‘Barbershop 3: The Next Cut’; Conversation With Cedric The Entertainer!

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Barbershop 3 Malcolm Lee Ice Cube

Once the story of BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT was established, I had a chance to see one of the latter scenes of the film being shot. Mild spoilers, I guess? This particular scene takes place in the backroom of the shop, where Rashad (Common) and Terry (Eve) are working out some personal issues. During the timeframe of BARBERSHOP 3, the two have been married for 7 years. Terry has now worked herself up to celebrity stylist, leaving Rashad to feel somewhat emasculated by her success. The situation is exacerbated when Draya (Nikki Minaj), tries to put the moves on Rashad and is caught in the act by Terry. ‘Shop drama!!! The following is a make-up scene taking place towards the end of the film.

It starts with Rashad packing some things from his locker when Eve walks in. She apologizes for a previous fight they had before going on to praise what a good man and father he is. He asks why she didn’t say that before and she responds by saying that it was implied. Rashad states that men need to hear that kind of thing, too (word, brother!). She offers to make it up to him. Now, if you have a dirty mind (like I do), then you may enjoy this next bit! Rashad proceeds to bend Terry over a nearby table. Enjoying the burst of masculinity, Terry quips, “Maybe I should call you a bitch more often!” This doesn’t bode well with Rashad, as he slams the breaks, pulls her up and says, “Don’t you ever call me a bitch.” He pushes her back down on the table and comments on them having to be quiet. Unfortunately for us, the scene ends there. The director stated that their scenes together were a commentary on marriage and the difficulties of working in close proximity to each other. My biggest takeaway? Don’t call Common a “bitch.”

Next up was interviewing some of the huge ensemble cast of BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT. Say what you will about the movies, but they haven’t failed in amassing some talent in front of the camera. On this particular day I got to speak with Regina Hall (VACATION, SCARY MOVIE), Cedric the Entertainer (TOP FIVE), Common (NOW YOU SEE ME) and Eve (WHIP IT) about their characters and why they chose to sign up for BARBERSHOP 3!

Barbershop 3 Cedric the Entertainer Ice Cube Common

Common on why he signed on for BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT:

What’s going on with the violence in Chicago and knowing that some of this story is surrounding that topic, and in the same token, I was dealing with fatherhood. For me as an actor, and as a person, I wanted to do something fun. I always think about being a diverse actor. Nobody probably expected me to just step in the Barbershop, but it’s a franchise that has cultural relevance. I like the direction that they were going with from the director to the writers and then some of the added cast.

Regina Hall on her character and her relationship with Calvin:

Calvin’s shop is now a co-ed shop so it’s kinda like Calvin & Angie’s . . . well, it’s just an ‘A’. He wouldn’t let me get a whole name yet. But we actually don’t butt heads. There’s moments obviously where there’s some tension, but we don’t butt heads. Angie’s gossipy, so maybe Angie drives him a little crazy, but they don’t have a confrontational relationship. I like Angie just because she’s fun; she’s light-hearted. It’s great to be a part of such a warm ensemble.


I knew [Rashad] was a person necessary in the story. He was a caring man who is loving, that men can respect. You see him taking care of his family and caring for them – taking his daughter to school. You don’t actually see it, but you know that’s what he does. I think it was good for me to be able to play this role because it also allowed me to [say] some of the political views that Rashad express [that] are similar mine.

Barbershop 3 The Next Cut Eve Nicki Minaj

Cedric the Entertainer on doing improv:

I use the script as a great outline to know what the story is and basically what the writer’s trying to convey. I have the freedom with this character, as a comedian, I could improv it. I kind of internalize this character, Eddie. I always say I Rainman him – I have no idea what I’m going to say. It’s never too often pre-meditated unless it’s something I forgot to say the first [take], and then I’ll go back and say it. It allows me to be really free as a character, to say those kinda things. He’s a bit of a firestrarter. He kinda likes to throw things out there. That’s great as an actor, to be able to be free to just say stuff off the dome. And to have a director like Malcolm be able to get it and say, “Alright, cool. Do that!” As long as it leads us to the next beat of the story, it’s fine.

Eve on why she returned to BARBERSHOP:

You know what? I remember how much fun we had. I remember how we got so close and I remember what it was like being on set and making the movie happen. Once I read the script, I was like, “I can’t wait to do it.” Never say never. I’m so happy that I’m a part of it.

Cedric the Entertainer:

I’m one to believe that you can’t just do sequels just because they’re doing them. You don’t know the motivation of the studios or whatever, but the movie had to be right. It had to be about something. The key for me was to see where is this story or these people 10 years later. My biggest thing was that Eddy’s already old. As long as he don’t die in the movie! Don’t make me die! If I die, then I ain’t comin’! I think that was the key thing for me, and of course having the strong cast come back. Once we knew everybody was back in and engaged with it. Even though I was not a producer on this movie, I was really involved early. I was able to get my notes in – they respected that. We all having a great time. It’s wonderful. People are going to enjoy it.

BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT hits theaters April 15, 2016.

Source: MGM, JoBlo

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