Check Out Who Also Joined Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock On Stage!

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If you recall a couple of days ago the news dropped that the famed duo of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle made an extremely rare appearance in New York together-on stage. This news was widely reported because it followed up a story that the two were possibly thinking about doing a tour together.

Well, it is true that they made appearance but what wasn’t reported was who else jumped on stage, and if a picture says a thousand words, then the comedy giants who joined that stage at The Comedy Cellar said a lot!

As you will see in the picture below, Rock and Chappelle were also joined by Marlon Wayans, Bill Bellamy and Kevin Hart!

Comic Greats

(L-R) Marlon Wayans, Bill Bellamy, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock

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