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HerbEvery major city has a club promoter who everyone knows as the go-to person to fill up an event. These promoters are always guaranteed to be able to promote and advertise any event, and most of them have been able to do this for years. Easily one of the most under-appreciated talent in entertainment industry is the promoter as they are the one person to spread your word about a new event.

In Los Angeles, the person who is ground zero for the entertainment industry has to be Herb Bohanon, also known to many as Herb The Entertainment Specialist. Herb, born in Los Angeles and raised in Carson City, is easily one of the most popular promoters in Los Angeles. By being in the industry for over 20 years Herb has been able to create and maintain some high profiled relationships throughout Hollywood. These relationships have even been able to assist in him working with many people from all walks of life; those who have foundations (such as We Feed The Hungry in LA), non profits, churches, and other special events.

Over the years Herb has worked with and partied with many celebrities; names such as Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Tucker, Tamala Jones, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, (just to name a few) all call him a friend. Some of the above names mentioned would call Herb to assist in an event such as Magic Johnson, who had a party for his Magic Johnson Foundation, or Chris Tucker who wanted to produce his own party for his film Rush Hour 2, and needed to fill up the event. These events would always be successful and sold out and over the years the reputation was eventually known that Herb is the person to call.

Branching out into comedy early on, Herb assisted comedian and actor Guy Torry when he was producing Trippin’ On Tuesday years ago at The Comedy Store, and the show quickly became THE hottest night in Hollywood. On any given night celebrities would be ion attendance such as Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Johnny Gill, Prince, Shaquille O’Neal and many, many, more. As time marched on and the reins of the show passed, film producer Jeru Tillman came on board to continue the night as he was looking to expand in comedy himself. Tillman partnered with comedian Chris Spencer and the night continued to be one of the hottest nights in LA, but would eventually stop over two years ago at The Comedy Store and eventually move to inside The Chinese Theater, to what is now known as Inside Jokes. This show has branched out to several nights of the week and continues to be the hot topic in LA.

With all of the people that Herb The Entertainment Specialist has helped, and with all of the things that he has touched on, its time to recognize Herb Bohanon, especially now. As of this writing it was discovered that Herb had a stroke on December 12th and because of this, a comedy benefit has been organized in his honor to assist in the medical bills that has accumulated since his ordeal. As you can expect this show is bringing all of Herb’s friends together under one roof to raise donations to cover these costs. Produced by Jeru Tillman, at Inside Jokes in Hollywood and hosted by Chris Spencer, the show is sure to be one to go down in comedy history!

If you want to attend the show check out the flier below for all of the details:


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