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Chance The Rapper Hospitalized!



Chance the Rapper has reportedly been taken to the hospital. He was scheduled to performed at charity concert “Night For NYC.” The event is hosted by the Robin Hood organization and was designed to raise money for the fight against poverty. Though the tickets are a bit pricey, $150 for entry and $250 for the deluxe admission, every dollar in those tickets will help “feed a family of four for one week.” Although Chance’s exit was last minute the event was able to find some suitable replacements for his absence.

This isn’t the first time he’s had to go to the hospital before a performance. In 2014, he had to cancel his performance at Coachella at the last minute after he fell ill and was sent to the hospital.

In other Chance news, he recently signed a petition for the Grammys to start considering free albums/mixtapes for the heralded award. Here’s an excerpt from his petition.

“Recordings must be available for sale from any date within the eligibility period through at least the date of the current year’s voting deadline (final ballot).” This means that artists like Chance the Rapper, who are now getting national recognition and performing on national platforms (just this past week Chance performed on the Jimmy Fallon show) are being punished for making their music available to everyone, rich or poor, by releasing their music for free.  It’s obvious that these artists are making their music more accessible to people who deserve it even if they can’t afford it, as well as decreasing pirating and illegally downloading music.”

The rest of the petition can be read here.

Source: The Urban Daily

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