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Actor Darrin Henson To Fight In Celebrity Fight Night- FOR REAL!


We just discovered that actor Darrin Henson, probably best known for his role in the hit television series Soul Food and in the film The Express, is set to jump in the boxing ring for real!

We hear that Henson will fight R&B singer RL in Atlanta Thursday June 9th in an event that is titled Celebrity Fight Night that is -as far as we can tell- the first of its kind. In our research we have never heard of real actors/celebrities jumping in the boxing ring to fight for real. The only real actors who we know who can fight like Wesley Snipes and Michael Jai White have never jumped in the ring to fight for charity..

For those of you who may not know, this is not really a far stretch for Henson as he has been known to jump into things with determination and dedication in anything he does. As with his new found love for boxing, Henson was one of the most sought after choreographers in the business who worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Jennifer Lopez to even N’Sync during their height of popularity. Henson even published a dance DVD that was one of the most successful DVDs sold during the year while embarking on his acting career.

Fast forward to today the dancer has now become an accomplished actor with credits in films like the new Tekken and in The Express, and has now decided to embark on a new journey in boxing and we will keep you in the know of this event!

For more information check out and purchase your tickets today at Ticketmaster.


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