Are 'The Queens Of Comedy' Prepping A Lawsuit For Sheryl Underwood And 'The Talk'?

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Queens Of ComedyIt looks like the drama that unfolded during last week’s taping on The Talk with the five co-hosts of the daytime chatfest is about to take a turn for the possible worse for Sheryl Underwood and possibly CBS.

In case you missed it, last week Thursday during their ‘deepest, darkest secrets week’ where each host of The Talk delivers a dark secret, comedian and host Sheryl Underwood revealed something that she stated she never spoke aloud publicly; Underwood revealed that back in the 1990’s, she was up for a part on The Queens of Comedy tour, (Walter Latham’s female spin-off of The Kings of Comedy) and she stated before she had a chance to accept the role, she overheard three stars of the show talking trash about her on a conference call.

Underwood said Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore were trash talking her comedic abilities, her appearance and more without realizing she was on the line listening. Underwood stated she later called show creator Latham and told him she didn’t think the part would be the right fit for her. Underwood even stated that she has worked with Hayes and Givens since the incident, but up until now, the three women did not know that she overheard the phone call.

See the video here:


After revealing her secret, Underwood insisted that she’s not angry or upset at her peers over the phone call that she happened upon 20 years ago. “I decided instead of being angry and vengeful, I took the truth and made myself even better,” she said.

At that time, Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore hadn’t commented on Underwood’s story, until now.

We just had a conversation with Givens about the interview because this morning on The Rickey Smiley Show, Givens was on the show disputing what had happened, and Walter Latham released a statement that was read on air by Smiley. According to the statement read by Latham, Underwood was never even invited by him to become part of the show. According to Givens, Underwood’s statement is a “blatant lie” and as a matter of fact “the conversation never happened because we were never on a conference call together discussing Sheryl”.

This powerful statement was followed by Givens revealing to us that she is in the process of seeking legal representation because she has plans to sue Underwood, CBS and The Talk for defamation of character and anything else that her legal team would advise to her that would apply.

As of this writing we can’t say if the other Queens will join in on the lawsuit but as of this writing, it looks like that it will.

Stay tuned, as this story is developing!

“The Talk” airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Monique

    Okay…so I think this is some ole bull’ish, and I’ll be really detailed on exactly why.

    I highly doubt the conversation Sheryl Underwood spoke on last week didn’t happen. First of all, if her comments were an all out lie, how come neither Adele Givens nor Laura Hayes suggested it as a lie when they took the time to supply small-minded replies on the situation? Anyone who has ever had anyone flat-out lie about something they did or said isn’t going to comment about it while NEGLECTING TO MENTION that the original comment was a lie. But look at what they did. Adele Givens tweeted something to suggest perhaps “The Talk” was struggling in ratings (“Wow. The View must be pulling some really great ratings!” ~Adele Givens). And Laura Hayes replied with an Instagram photo of a raggedy-a** wig on the floor and a comment on how she would respond later. You can’t say “they didn’t respond to what they believe to be a lie because of potential legal ramifications” because if that were so, they would not have responded at all. The fact that their attempt to throw shade at Sheryl without even the slightest inference that any portion of what she said may not have been true makes any argument the try to make now that these are lies REALLY weak.

    As for Walter Latham, what he’s doing in nothing more than “brand management.” Of course he is going to say, “that never happened…we’re going to sue” now, because otherwise a brand he’s made good money off gets tarnished. End game, even if they file a lawsuit, it will never see a trial date because what possible evidence will there be to establish whether or not a conference call did or did not take place as reported by Sheryl Underwood? This is WELL before we all went to P2P telephone networks…the data was not managed in nearly as easily referenced a platform as it is now. And it won’t matter what either side says they have in their appointment book/personal calendars, because those records can doctored, and witnesses confirming or denying a teleconference from 10 years ago can just as easily be manufactured if the price is right (just sayin’). So, why would they file a lawsuit if the conversation happened, and if the discussion Sheryl referenced actually occurred? Easy: to protect the brand by marginalizing what she claimed happened (if you’re in “Camp Queen of Comedy,” you can believe she’s lying; if you’re in “Camp Underwood,” you can believe she’s telling the truth)…and Walter Latham succeeds in limiting further damage o his brand…it’s basic P.R., Olivia Pope style.

    By the way, the fact that all this was purported on Rickey Smiley’s show, who has apparently had an axe to grind with Sheryl Underwood since WELL before this whole issue, make the claims even more suspect.

    • franknitti1

      Monique, this was VERY well said!

      • Byron

        I like you Monique believe that ir happen and now all are trying to tuck ass. Own up to your shit qnd fix!!!

  2. LaLa

    I think Sheryl covered herself pretty well in divulging this “secret.” I recall that she made disclaimers, i.e. “My recollection of the call.” She didn’t try to state what each woman said verbatim. It was just really her version of what she remembers. She never made derogatory comments about the ladies, even going so far as to say that she’s worked with or seen all of the women since the call. And she went on to say that she wasn’t mad and she used their conversation to improve herself. I know nothing about defamation suits, but I don’t believe the ladies have a case. I’m interested in seeing how far this lawsuit goes, and how the ladies are affected by Sheryl’s reveal.

  3. Leelee2

    Adele and ladies leave it alone she wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true keep doing what you are doing and maybe you will become successful like Sheryl love all you all ladies

  4. D B

    How do any if you know what the truth us, assumptions by people who have no clue what the truth us should stay quiet. Sheryl puts her foot in her mouth way to often. She also looks like she is desperate for male attention. Her continual sexual innuendo is sickening.

  5. Jean

    It makes me sad when błack females on tv, act like ” der white man is still my massah”.

    I am not speaking about any particular black female. But I will just say look at how black females on talk shows, other tv shows, and also the black women who have their own networks, kiss up to white men and white women and tell all their business in front of the camera.

    Look at how loud black females get in front of the camera. And what’s up with all the wigs and the weaves. All the bad language and wiggling and dancing and rubbing on white men is so unnecessary. Look at the facial expressions of the white women and men near these black women and men who act up on tv. Oct 10, 2015

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