Willie Brown Launches 'Gospel Comedy Live' & In Talks For A Network Broadcast!

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(Atlanta, GA) – Comedian/Ventriloquist Willie Brown is bringing his hilarious brand of clean comedy to television with the upcoming standup comedy series “Willie Brown & Friends Gospel Comedy Live”.   Widely known for his appearances on BET’s Comicview, HBO, Showtime’s “Barbershop” Series,  “Dumbstruck”,  and the “The Rickey Smiley Show,” Brown is one of the most sought after Christian comedians in America.  His production company, The Clean Comedy Clinic Inc. is currently in talks with major television networks and is close to inking a deal.  “This will be the very first television show of it’s kind to feature clean and faith based comedians on a national scale”, says Brown.

“I really felt a need to offer Christian comedians and performers a national platform where their gifts and talents can be seen and celebrated”, says Brown.  “There is such a great need for wholesome and positive television programming in the world today.  I’d like to see us go back to the days when the whole family could sit down and watch television together and not have to worry about what is going to be said or done, or whether or not it will be appropriate for your children to see.  This show represents an entertainment alternative for families to enjoy clean and funny television programming”.

Hosted by Brown, with his famous wooden sidekick Woody; the cantankerous Uncle Rufus, and “the Mother of all Mothers of the church” Aunt Tee, the comedy special will feature an all-star lineup of nationally known comedians like Chinnitta Morris aka Chocolate, Vyck Cooley,  Darian Perkins, Kenn Kington, Mrs. V, Chris Clark, Nikita B, Marty Simpson, Anna Douglas, Joey I.L.O, Lisa Mills, and more.   The program is part of a larger movement by Brown to create more faith-based and family TV programming.  “We are launching the first twenty-four hour clean comedy channel starting with our website Clean Comedy Clinic.com and our Clean Comedy Clinic YouTube channel” says Brown.  “You can go to our site and see non-stop clean comedy all day long.  Imagine being able to come home from work and turn on the TV at any time and see gut busting, clean comedy that you and your kids can enjoy together”, says Brown.

Willie and his wife Sherry Brown run The Clean Comedy Clinic Inc. www.cleancomedyclinic.com, a booking agency for Christian comedians all around the world.  Brown is now being called “The Russell Simmons of Gospel Comedy”.   “I’m very proud to say that we have some of the best if not the very best Gospel Comedians on the planet on our roster”, says Brown.  “The Clean Comedy Clinic Inc. Agency is most likely the top agency for African American Christian Comedians.  We feature comedians of all nationalities, but I’m truly proud to say that we have the best clean African American Comedians in the world.  I say that because in America typically anything associated with being clean is never associated with anything Black, and I want to change that myth”, says Brown.  “There are so many great African American Comedians.  We are all over the spectrum, and it’s time that people take notice”, says Brown.

Willie and his wife Sherry also run Youth Vision Builders Inc., a  Georgia non-profit youth mentor program that operates out of the McDonough Housing Authority.  They have been going strong for almost three years, and have made a significant impact on the community.   For more information about “Willie Brown and Friends Gospel Comedy Live” call (770) 871-1197 or visit www.cleancomedyclinic.com

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    can’t wait for this. I’m looking forward to this brand of comedy. I always loved Willie Brown and Woody.

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