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Will ‘Unsung Hollywood’ Profile Alleged Beef Between Steve Harvey And ‘Kings Of Comedy’ Comedian On TV One?

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Bernie Mac, famous black comedian known for his roles on Friday, Player’s Club, and The Original Kings of Comedy, was profiled on Unsung Hollywood. TV One remains dedicated to bringing its viewers the best in black news and entertainment. Tonight’s episode of Unsung Hollywood, which follows a similar format of Unsung, will discuss Bernie Mac’s rise to success from the alleyways of Chicago, Illinois, all the way to Hollywood.

Bernie Mac’s story will be told through interviews with family members and other celebrities who knew him well. Bernie Mac, whose real named is Bernard McCullough, was born in Chicago, where he was also known as the funniest man on the block. Bernie didn’t care what anyone said or thought about his comedy routines. With no filter at all, Bernie said what most people were already thinking, and his audiences loved his onstage antics, which truly set him apart from other comedians.

His ruthless and sometimes cruel humor on the stage didn’t reflect the type of person he really was, according to those who knew him. Many say that Bernie would literally give you the shirt off his back and never complain about it. They also say that deep down, he was a very humble and good person.

The quick-witted comedian touched the lives of so many people even outside the comedy world. The Bernie Mac Show brought him inside the living rooms of mainstream America, and they loved him. What many believed would be “too much” for general audiences, such as his “You know I ain’t lyin, America!,” and his threatening to bust somebody’s “head to the white meat,” actually made him even more appealing to the viewers.

When Bernie Mac died in 2008, after several years of battling Sarcoidosis, the comedy world was heartbroken. But outside of his loved ones — such as his wife, Rhonda McCullough — no one took his death harder than his old comedy buddies from The Original Kings of Comedy which included Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and D.L. Hughley. Despite the reported beef or rivalry between Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey, whom many say was the result of Steve Harvey’s jealousy toward Mac, deep down there was a lot of respect that existed between the two.

Seven years after his death, Bernie Mac is still celebrated and still beloved, leading some TV One viewers to question why Bernie Mac is included in the Unsung Hollywood TV series. Remember. Unsung Hollywood focuses on entertainers, film, and TV shows that gained popularity but still slightly failed to become household names. At the time of Bernie’s death, he was just starting to become well-known in mainstream America with the debut of his hit television show.

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