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Will Smith To Jump Into New Role As A Villain!


We just discovered that actor Will Smith has recently joined a new film that will have him play the role as a villain! Now this is pretty new for Smith, and the question will arise if the audience will want to see him as that.

Anyway, Smith has attached himself to star in and produce the new film titled The Legend Of Cain, which we hear is an epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale. The new thing that is added to the film is that this time the story will have  a vampiric twist. Wonder if this has anything to do with the Twilight phenomenon?

Anyway, Smith will play Cain and he will produce with his own production company Overbrook Entertainment partners Jada Pinkett Smith (his wife), James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz.

The script was written by Caleeb Pinkett and Dan Knauf, with Andrea Berloff revising, and no studio or director is set for the project.

Smith is set to begin shooting another film in August he begins filming Men In Black 3. We also hear that Bad Boys 3 is also on the fast track after that.

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Will Smith is a powerhouse! We saw how Denzel won his Oscar for portraying a bad guy, soooo….?

  2. MIGUEL A. Nunez, Jr.

    Will is so talented he can pull off anything. I look forward to being entertained. God bless him and his talented family.

    MAN Jr.

  3. Alfred Woodley

    Will if you’re reading this my brotha you are an absolute credit to the industry I feel honored being part of your time because when its said and done you’ll be mentioned with the greats. I look forward to working with you very soon as a side kick or something lets do it!! 🙂


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