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Will Chris Brown Lose New Film After GMA Outburst?


In case you haven’t heard, R&B sensation Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday to promote his new album F.A.M.E., but all anyone is talking about is his post appearance dressing room freak-out that featured Brown throwing a chair through his dressing room window and then charging at a GMA segment producer in the hallway with his shirt off.

The source of Brown’s rage was reportedly the series of questions posed by GMA’s Robin Roberts just before he was set to perform.

Unfortunately, the fallout continues…

Before this incident Brown was scheduled to perform in the new Screen Gems film titled Phenom; a role as the NBA’s  new hotshot player – a young man who went pro after high school and is the illegitimate son of an aging NBA star.  Sources say the artist may have lost this film after today’s outburst.

We hear that the studio is possibly no longer interested in casting Brown in the role. He would have starred with Sherri Shepherd and Henry Simmons.

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  1. Tracee Loran

    I understand Chris’ frustration over still having to answer Rihanna questions two years later. But he’s in the entertainment biz and that is something that will follow him. He has to learn to control his temper because its apparent that he’s not yet one hundred. He keeps setting himself back.

    Having said that, it’s sad and disturbing that we live in a world that is ruled by the double standard. And I’m sure you all know where I’m going with this. Charlie Sheen has trashed hotel rooms, ALLEGEDLY choked out a porn star, verbally assaulted his CBS ‘bosses’ for weeks and is now going on a national tour to do much of the same. After all of this drama word on the street is he may get his job back. While that may be great for CBS ratings, they are doing little to help Charlie.

    Unfortunately Chris you are not Charlie, sorry.

  2. Lori

    Die hard Chris Brown fan: everyone makes mistakes and they need to let go it and let him be the best that he is. I will always support him. And I pray that he doesn’t loose the movie deal over this. Everyone of us needs forgiveness cause no one is perfect but GOD.

  3. Alowishus Black

    So what happened to our Real Black Actors ? the folks that audition on a daily basis…When do they get a shot ? That’s why I can’t support this crap….What do you tell the up & coming young aspiring actors and actresses ?

    I know it’s about name and face recognition but only with black folks…we never see films “Introducing _____” and it’s a new black actor.

    Imagine if you are Julliard grad and you auditioned for this part and you found out later that it went to 50cent or Luda….wow.
    There are just a handful white singers that have crossed over to acting recently, Timberlake being one of them.
    But you dont see the majority of POP singers in major movies, only rappers,why is that ?

    And why do folks settle and continue to support mediocre acting from rappers ? Ok sure give them a chance to branch out…but
    give the Real Actors a shot. that’s all im sayin.

    So if putting a familiar face in films is so well received then why don’t we see more pop stars in movies….um

    If the NBA starting using celebrities in actual games to get the ticket sells up, would you support your team or boycott ?

    That’s my rant for the day….

    • Tracee Loran

      Preaching to the choir! And very good point about the NBA using celebs. Imagine Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee catching alley oops or participating in the Slam Dunk Contest. Hilarious.

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