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What's The New Air Date For 'In Living Color'?

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As many of you have probably already guessed, the new air date of the new In Living Color episode has been moved around by the executives over at FOX. Well. this morning our sources have told us that those same execs have finally decided on a date for the episode to air!

We hear now that the show is going to land on June 17th, and that we should expect a major marketing push on the network leading up to the air date. It should be noted that there was no official announcement from the network yet, but we did hear that an announcement is going to be made soon.

We also discovered that there have been two more additional cast members who have joined the show; Cooper Barnes and Melissa McQueen. Barnes and McQueen are joining the other cast mates that are as follows; Lil Rell Howery, Jermaine Fowler, Jennifer Bartels, Kali Hawk, Henry Cho, Josh Duvendec, Ayana Hampton, Cyrah Hawkins, and Sydney Castillo.

Anyway, this story continues to develop daily, so stay tuned!

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  1. Dr.Shaq


  2. Marcuz

    cool…a sunday nite just like early on. Van’t wait to see the previews

  3. Lucito

    Better be funny

  4. L.S.A.

    They better hurry up and start promoting the “hell” out of the show because they only have 3 weeks left before June 17th, land. That’s not to far form now. You see what happen to In the Flow with Affion Crockett.

  5. Lisa

    Can’t wait!

  6. Carlo

    So I read somewhere it will only be on for 2 episodes so how does it work? is it like 2 weeks worth of in living colors? What if the show gets insane ratings do we have to wait a few more weeks to get more episodes? I’m just happy I never thought I would see the day In Living Color came back on tv? why couldn’t this have been when I was in middle school??

  7. um....

    Humormill When can we expect Fox to announce the show date?

    Carlo, I believe they’re secretly filming more then 2 episodes just in case the show gets pick up. I was reading on Twitter today someone claims they were on the In Living Color set with Keenen ivory wayans. Make you gp hmmmmmm……….

  8. the king

    I have mix feelings about this

  9. Nate

    Houmormill is just as bad as MTO. In Living color will not air on June 17 because Fox starting to have mix feelings about this show. how I know, I know who’s working on the set. get your source and shit straight before reporting on this again.

    • admin

      Comparing us to MTO and NOT reading this story properly is EXTREMELY DUMB. MTO reports on rumors and dating, and all sorts of stuff, which we dont report on. Second of all OUR SOURCES are from THE NETWORK. SO we will see who is right or wrong especially since the ENTIRE CAST got an EMAIL yesterday stating it would be AIRED on the 17th. You are probably start enough to not to be able to figure this out.

  10. 4 The Mind

    Today is the 3rd, why isn’t Fox promoting this show already?.. Truth be told. I don’t think this show will aired til the Fall TV schedule August-September and if it does well, return for a full season in January Winter.

  11. LilRel Howery

    Nothing is confirmed we haven’t received an email….Everyone should just chill I’m excited to be apart of this and can’t wait until ya’ll see what we did…. Hoepfully fox will issue a press release soon….

  12. I'mCoolin

    Wikipedia says December 15th. But then again, it is Wikipedia. And Kanye West is suppose to do the theme song too?? That sh*t cray!

  13. um....

    I’m done looking forward to this. It seems to me that Fox don’t really want ILC back on the air. Show this show better off on BET FX, CC or Spike.

  14. the king

    Humormill.. what the hell is going with the ILC thing? First it was June 17. Now Dec 15. What’s the 411 on issue humor. What’s with Kanye opening rumor?

    • admin

      I heard both… They are in turmoil over there…

  15. ILC-Insider

    I just got word FOX push it back until August. Be patients people. it’s coming

  16. Tea-Oh!

    wikipedia says January of 2013

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