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WATCH: Netflix Releases Trailer To New Mindy Kaling Comedy Titled ‘Never Have I Ever’

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Nerds need love, too — and in Mindy Kaling’s new Netflix series, they need it bad.

The streamer has released an official trailer for Never Have I Ever, a sex-soaked coming-of-age comedy debuting Monday, April 27, with Kaling serving as creator and executive producer. Newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan stars as Devi, an Indian American teen girl who’s got school figured out… but is still fuzzy on the whole “sex” thing. Distracted by steamy dreams of a hunky classmate serving himself up to her (“I’m here to have sex with you”), she suddenly declares herself ready to lose her virginity.

She announces to her friends that they’re “rebranding” in order to score dates with “attainable, yet status-enhancing people.” (Unfortunately, her target proudly tells her the fragrance he’s wearing is “Forever, by Mariah Carey.”) “We’re smart, and idiots are banging all the time!” her friend realizes. “We can do it, too!” Devi just wants to feel like a normal teenager for once, but her mom warns her: “Normal teenagers end up in prison. Or worse, working in Jersey Mike’s.” (Ouch.) At least she has Niecy Nash as her therapist, right?

Source: By Dave Nemetz, TV Line

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