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Watch First Trailer For Quentin Tarantino’s New Film ‘The Hateful Eight’!


Quentin Tarantino has been busy brewing up another pop culture classic in The Hateful Eight, and we’re finally getting out first glimpse.

Behold, the full trailer for The Hateful Eight. (See below)

It’s looking like it’s going to be chock full of quotable lines and zany performances, just what we want from a QT movie.

The story is about what happens when a bunch of hardened outlaws get trapped in an isolated coachstop during a blizzard. There’s a vibe of mystery about these folks which will no doubt be teased out over at least a couple of hours and there will be blood spilt in ways both shocking and imaginative.

Previously Tarantino said he wasn’t going to shoot The Hateful Eight after the script leaked online but he changed his mind and started shooting in January 2015, less than a year before release. That’s quite a feat but when you’ve got this kind of professional cast it’s probably a quick business getting great material.

He’s also set to release the film in 70mm – that’s a wider film format which isn’t used in a lot of placed anymore. It’s shot on film and with anamorphic lenses at 2.75:1. Which basically means its going to be a really wide letterbox format and that it will look terrific on the biggest screen you can find. In the US, the film will be exclusively at 70mm venues from the 25th of December before going wide and digital on the 8th of January. It also releases in Ireland and the US on the 8th of January 2016.



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