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VH1's Basketball Wives Gets Canceled!


We just got a press release from VH1 that states that the season final of Basketball Wives will be their last! We also hear that the show will conclude on Monday, May 28th at 8 PM, where we see the conclusion of the drama between Jen and Evelyn.

After all of the complaints that the network and production company has received about all of the bottle-throwing, bullying, legal press conferences, name-calling and petition-writing they have decided to call it quits.

More as this story develops!

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  1. jaetta

    o well …keep it moven

  2. Carlo

    black tv is an embarassment!

    • milan

      so is white tv keep it really please!!!!

  3. milan

    no one is trying to cancel mob wives they throw blows on there leave these women alone and let them collect their earnings and do their job which is to entertain. like i said no one saying a word about the real house wives that are white or the mob wives are the football wives and the baseball wives shows that has violence on as well. the black reality shows black people cant stick together for nothing but to crush peoples dreams and hate on someone for doing something no matter if its negative or positive. at least their not somewheres collecting unemployment or getting government assistance really. black women need to learn how to stand up for each other instead of so quick and easy to destroy one another when and where ever. you do not see white women bashing each other and boycotting their shows because they have been taught since before they could even walk that they stick together and stand up for their own kind. something we need workshops on in each community this race is falling by the waste side really. i know that the ladies on this show fight with each other and cussed each other out and violate each other all the time but they basically given viewers what they want to see it’s just entertainment.

  4. tmeeie

    Well they need too, because, if they took tami and evelyn, shaunies, susie off the show and put POSTIVE women on tami is still threatening keshia telling royce if she make me lose my friend ship with you shoes not going to like out come, does that sound like she has changed, no shaunies needs to give up those kind of friends, her family is watching who she is friends with.

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