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Tyler Perry Drops "For Colored Girls" Trailer


Much has been already said about For Colored Girls as this new film from film director/writer Tyler Perry, and the expectations are pretty high for him and Lionsgate. With so much being said, the question remains will you go see it? Here is the trailer and tell us your thoughts!

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  1. R. C. Lamb

    I gotta see it. Tyler and the cast deserve that at the very least. Not sure that he is up to it but I will give him a chance.

  2. T. LaShawn

    I look forward to celebrating his success, of which I know this film will be. The content, and cast that were selected for this project is going to bring down the house!

  3. Patrick Ellis-Harris

    Tyler said it all on Saturday night in the Toyota Center. We have to be held accountable for our actions & ignor the haters like “Spike Lee” as he eluded to. Kill the William Lynch mindset that has been instilled on us & start trusting & working with each other for the common good. I’m a proud supporter of the brother & i can’t wait to see Colored Girls.

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