Today's Daily Humor- 'Lionel Turner: The Lost Art of Fist Fighting'!

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MitchToday’s Daily Humor features a sketch titled Lionel Turner: The Lost Art of Fist Fighting, and is a National Geographic – Steve Irwin style spoof where Lionel Turner explains and breaks down ancient negro rituals. Inthis case it’s the steps that lead to a common everyday fist fight. The sketch attempts to shine light on the fact that nowadays a fist fight is nearly extinct as shooting has become far more common.

Lionel Turner: The Lost Art of Fist Fighting is directed by Andrew Bachelor and written by Mitchell Marchand. The cast is Mitchell Marchand as Lionel Turner, comedian Tony Baker as Tall African-American, Lourdes Gonzalez as The Shorty, and Andrew Bachelor as the Short African-American.

Check out the video below:

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