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Everyone knows Tim Meadows, whether it’s from his 10 seasons on “Saturday Night Live,” where his recurring characters included the Ladies’ Man, or on any number of other TV shows, including “The Goldbergs” and “Son of Zorn.”

But one of the things filling his schedule lately is stand-up comedy. He brings his show to the St. Louis Funny Bone this weekend.

It’s a return to form for Meadows, who got his start at the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago before working on “SNL.”

Meadows knows this will be the first time some fans will see his stand-up act.

“People who come to see me perform know me from doing characters,” he says. “This will be some audience members’ first time hearing me talk about myself. I think people will be surprised that I’m handsome. I come across more beautiful in person.”

Not overselling his routine, Meadows describes his act as “pretty straightforward stand-up. It’s autobiographical. I would say it’s a cross between what you see a typical stand-up comedian do and what Steve Martin did.”

Martin is a key influence for Meadows, along with Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Colin Quinn and Richard Pryor.

He won’t say his show is completely clean, but it’s also not completely dirty. “I wouldn’t want to bring my kids to the show,” he says. “The language can occasionally be strong during the set. Some of the stories and topics are more adult. I’m talking about dating, having a relationship with someone new after marriage, so the show does have some sexuality to it.”

He says there’s a political element, something comedians are tackling more than ever lately.

“I’m talking about the current environment in America, and about our former president and the fact you don’t miss something until it’s gone,” he says.

Meadows has a recurring role on the ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs,” where he portrays the guidance counselor. He says he’s having lots of fun on the show.

“I look forward to when they call me to come and do the show,” he says. “I’ve known Jeff Garlin (who stars with Wendy McLendon-Covey) since the early 2000s back in Chicago. I have no idea what my future is on the show.”

Meadows starred for one season on “Son of Zorn,” a quirky Fox show that mixed live action with animation. The series didn’t get a second season. Meadows says he liked the show and considers it a great experiment, but he doesn’t blame the network for not sticking with it.


Son of Zorn
Son of Zorn

“I understand the network’s position,” he says. “It’s hard to break through — to get people to talk about a show. People who watched it liked it. But it was a little offputting, the two realities coming together.

“But after watching it for 10 minutes, you sort of accept it. I’m really glad I did it. I made friends with the people in the cast, and we’re talking about getting together in LA.”

Speaking of reunions, it doesn’t look as if Meadows will be heading back to “Saturday Night Live” to host the show anytime soon. He did return for the show’s 40th anniversary special in 2015.

“If they asked me to, of course I would do it,” he says. “But I’m not that big of a name that they would ask.”

Meadows says he’s been approached on occasion about reviving his popular Ladies’ Man character, but he’d rather let Courvoisier-sipping love expert Leon Phelps rest with the 2000 movie.


The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man

“I’m still friends with the guys who created the character with me,” Meadows says. “Even when I was on the show, I was reluctant about doing the character a lot. I enjoyed writing it, and it was fun to do, but I didn’t want to overdo it because I really love the character.

Meadows still watches “SNL” and thinks the cast is as funny as ever, though he often finds himself fast-forwarding past the musical guests.

“I feel like it’s not for me. It’s for my kids.”

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