'The First Family's' Jackee Settles A Score With Guest Star Robin Givens!

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According to our sources, we discovered the news that actress Robin Givens guest stars in a new episode of The First Family in an episode titled The First Pageant, which is set to premiere on Centric (a BET Network) tomorrow night. (8:30 pm ET /5:30 pm PT,)

Our sources state that Givens is set to portray ‘Melanie’who is a former beauty pageant contestant and a long-time nemesis of Jackee (‘Pauletta’). We also hear that in the episode we discover that Jackee and Robin Givens did pageants together as children and that Jackee lost her one pageant because someone put itching powder in her dress.

Word is Jackee accuses Robin Givens character of being the one who put itching powder and that when Jackee hosts a reunion for her one pageant, Robin shows up, they get in each other’s faces. Sounds like an exciting episode!

The episode is directed by Ted Lange and is produced by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

Jackee Robin Ted

(Jackee,  Ted Lange and Robin Givens – all photos by Dennis Hardison/Entertainment Studios, Inc.) 

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