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'The Arsenio Hall Show' Debuts After A 19 Year Hiatus; What Did You Think?

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After many months of great anticipation since the announcement by the folks over at CBS to bring back Arsenio Hall to The Arsenio Hall Show, Arsenio debuted to very much fan fare. With this debut episode you can surmise that  much has changed in the 19 years since Hall ended his talk show — from the number of shows to the guests they feature — but not his desire to be part of the crowd.

Either way, Arsenio, got another chance yesterday to show the world that he still is one of the best in the business.

If you missed the show, Arsenio went down memory lane with his audience as he spoke about things from his past since he stopped doing his late night talker, while he also premiered some comedy skits to give you an idea on what he was doing in Hollywood with his career. He even had several friends stop by to assist with some of the skits most notably Jay Leno and Paula Abdul.

After his skits presentation, it seemed that Arsenio didn’t miss a beat as he bought out his first guest, comedian Chris Tucker, to a huge applause. The interview that then followed was more of a chat amongst friends as we found out about Tucker’s comedy tour, his son, his expectations of the possible Friday and Rush Hour franchises and his new stand up feature film that he is distributing himself.

Things didn’t stop there because you know Arsenio can not be undone without having a musical guest come on his show; he had none other than Snoop Doggy Dog perform which was a throw back to his first performance over 19 years ago when he first dropped his first album Doggystyle.

With all of the anticipation from the show and the planning, you could tell that Arsenio has some big plans in store.

Overall, we thought the show was a great start. What did you think?

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  1. Smart Mark

    I thought it was great it was like he never left……….the sketches were awful though.

  2. Bill Macon

    The Lighting and set was not good, the band was weak, bad makeup on Arsenio.
    Skits were stupid. Snoop was good. Overall the show was very amateurisly produced and directed. Arsenio was very weak. If the show lasts he must have kissed some …

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