The April Fool's Comedy Show By Hot 97 In New York Announces Huge Line-Up!

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Our friends over at Caroline’s On Broadway (one of the most revered comedy clubs in the nation) have alerted us that they have compiled the new lineup for their annual April Fool’s Comedy Show, this year to take place at Madison Square Garden.

According to the producers, the show will consist of lots of surprise guests, but we can expect- as they are booked- Shawn and Marlon Wayans, Charlie Murphy, Cocoa Brown, Tony Roberts, and Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds. The show will be hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan.

The show is scheduled for March 28th at 8PM, and as mentioned, many surp[rise guest will also hit the stage as they do every year.

We will have more details on this show as this story is developing!

If you want to purchase tickets please click HERE!

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  1. Vicki

    I hope that it all works out for the show and Tatyana and that she will return and the ratings don’t dip!

  2. Totrue

    This is happening for so many black actors on these cable networks. One, because they dont make much money and two, shelf life is short on these black sitcoms.
    Mainstream sitcoms, where the real ad dollars are, arent offering roles to black actresses so Tatiyana, Tracy ellis and them have to take what they can get to pay the bills.

    These are sad times in tv. You’d think the door of opportunities would be broader but its so limited, TV is damn near segregated. 90% of all the black talent are on “black networks”

  3. C.j. Brewer

    This is just not right! I do hope she comes back because she was a major part of the show!

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