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Taye Diggs Comes Back To TV In New TNT Pilot Titled 'Murder in the First'!


Taye DiggsIt looks like actor Taye Diggs is coming back to television, as he has just secured a deal to star in a new show for TNT! Diggs, probably most famous on screen for his performance in The Best Man and for his television stint on Private Practice has been joined by actress Kathleen Robertson to co-star in TNT’Steven Bochco murder mystery pilot titled Murder in the First

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the drama revolves two seemingly unrelated high-profile murder cases and the subsequent police investigation, arrest and trial, offering viewers a window into the inner-workings of modern justice in an increasingly complex world.”

Word is Diggs will star as Terry Seagrave, a homicide detective who is dealing with his wife’s terminal illness.  The article states, “For Terry, being a cop is his one chance to live right and “do good,” and the job keeps him focused and off the sadness that tends to preoccupy his thoughts. Robertson will portray Hildy Mulligan, Terry’s partner, who is described as self-assured and sexy without knowing it. She’s divorced with a young daughter and a fearless detective who is keenly aware that her partner is grappling with a difficult situation. Both actors received multiple pilot offers this casting season.”

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