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  • On This Day In Comedy… In 1972 John Cho Was Born!

      On this day in comedy on June 16, 1972 Actor, John Yohan Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea.   Cho grew up in Los Angeles and began acting while at the University of California, Berkeley.   He got with the East West Players’ theater in downtown L.A. and appeared in several Asian films before moving […]

  • Lance Gross Joins The FOX Hit ‘Sleepy Hollow’!
    Hollywood, Hollywood News

    Lance Gross has joined the cast of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” and will be introduced during the upcoming season as Abbie’s (Nicole Beharie’s) FBI boss Daniel Reynolds. A character that will be a series regular, Gross’ Daniel will be reunited with Abbie (whatever that means – maybe they were former lovers??) when he’s assigned to Sleepy Hollow. Gross […]

  • Comedic Actor Orlando Jones Leaving ‘Sleepy Hollow’!
    Comedy News

    Try not to lose your heads, “Sleepy Hollow” fans — Variety has learned that Orlando Jones (who plays fan-favorite character Frank Irving) will not be returning to the Fox show for its upcoming third season. Jones isn’t the only one exiting the series after season two — showrunner Mark Goffman departed the supernatural drama ahead […]

  • Jill Marie Jones Joins FOX's 'Sleepy Hollow'!

    Jill Marie Jones (who you’ll probably most remember from Girlfriends) has joined the cast of Fox’s hit new drama series, Sleepy Hollow, playing the ex-wife of Orlando Jones’ character (Captain Irving, Sleepy Hollow‘s head of police). It’ll be a recurring role for Jill Marie, as Cynthia, mother to she and the Captain’s teenage daughter, Macey (played by the previously-cast Amandla Stenberg). Both characters (Cynthia and Macey) will be introduced during […]






  • WATCH: Roast Battle Between Comedians Deon Cole And Tony Roberts

    As you already know, the comedy industry has taken a big hit during the coronavirus. So many comedians are trying to figure out ways to entertain themselves and their audience. With that being said, comedians Deon Cole (of black-ish fame) and Tony Roberts (of Uncle Buck fame) decided earlier today to entertain their fans by conducting […]

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