• Luenell Lands In New Projects As Her Star Is On The Rise!
    Comedy News

    We just discovered the news that the “Bad Girl of Comedy”, the comedienne and actress known as Luenell is about to reprise her role in the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 2 as the Shrunken Head doorknocker! But that’s not it for Luenell; on October 16th Luenell will appear in an episode of Adult Swim’s hot new comedy Black Jesus as […]

  • ‘Black Jesus’ Has Been Resurrected For A New Season!
    Comedy News

    The “Black Jesus” Facebook page published the above photo about half-an-hour ago, with the caption “Your prayers have been answered,” suggesting the obvious. A year ago, Adult Swim did order a second season of its then new Aaron McGruder series, “Black Jesus,” but given how long it’s been since that announcement, many fans apparently wondered […]

  • Adult Swim Renews 'Black Jesus'!

    Adult Swim has handed out renewals to three of its strongest new series: Black Jesus, Mike Tyson Mysteries and Mr. Pickles. 2014 has been a big year for the youth-skewing network. Increasing its late-night footprint to include all of primetime, now taking over for Cartoon Network at 8 p.m., the particular success of Black Jesus also marked a big step in […]

  • Aaron McGruder Debuts New Trailer For 'Black Jesus'!
    Comedy News

    Several months ago we reported the news that The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder was moving forward to release a half-hour live-action scripted comedy series titled Black Jesus on Adult Swim. We also told you several of the other cast members which we discovered were comedians Charlie Murphy, John Witherspoon, and Corey Holcomb who were all going to join new comer Gerald “Slink” Johnson (of Grand Theft Auto V fame) as Jesus, living […]







  • WATCH: Roast Battle Between Comedians Deon Cole And Tony Roberts

    As you already know, the comedy industry has taken a big hit during the coronavirus. So many comedians are trying to figure out ways to entertain themselves and their audience. With that being said, comedians Deon Cole (of black-ish fame) and Tony Roberts (of Uncle Buck fame) decided earlier today to entertain their fans by conducting […]

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