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Several months ago we published a story about Atlanta’s own, comedian Thomas “T-Ray” Sanders getting shot four times and being placed in stable condition after performing at a venue in Columbus Ohio.

Back then, details were very sketchy, but at that time we heard  Sanders was followed from a comedy club to his hotel room and was shot after a brief altercation with a group of men who he had a previous altercation with at the club.

We also heard that Sanders was shot in the neck, back, stomach and chest and at that time was said to be going through a battle for his life, but was placed  in stable condition.
Since then, we are happy to report that Sanders not only pulled through, but he is back to perfect health.
Anyway, we have since been contacted by Sanders and he gave us an accurate account of what transpired that night.

According to Sanders he didn’t get into a crowd altercation. It just seemed to him that he may have been stalked, simple as that.

At three o clock in the morning Sanders and his girlfriend checked in to a Super 8 Motel. When he and his girl heard a knock at the door (while  laughing and playing around, and talking to each other) his girl opened the door, while laughing, because both thought it was the motel people telling them to keep it down us to keep it down, one gunman walked in with a 9 millimeter, put it to her head and a second robber stood at the door with a 380! Sanders  immediately pushed the first shooter into the second shooter back outside and continued to fight both of them.  During this altercation,  Sanders got shot in the abdomen, broke his right hip, broke his left shoulder and grazed my left arm muscle! Wow!

As of this writing, Sanders was able to not only recover fully, but is back on the road with Chico Debarge and Tony Terry, hosting concerts and comedy venues.

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Wow, glad to hear he’s back in good health and back on the grind…do comics need to start packing pistols to each show??!!

  2. Steve Myers

    Glad to hear that T-Ray is well and back at work. I booked him 2 years ago for Tuskegee University’s Homecoming. Peace my Bro!

  3. Sister Quintella

    I’m just glad that you are okay. I was praying for you.

  4. Shawn Harris

    wow…gotta be real careful on the road these days….im glad he’s alright!!

  5. Pierre

    had to have been an Andrew Ford gig, he was staying at the Super 8, so sad

  6. Thankful

    The story is awesome, thankful he made it through. That’s tragic, but he obviously fought back.

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