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Steve Harvey TV Talk Show Gains More National Audience BEFORE It Airs!

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We just discovered that Steve Harvey is gaining more of a national television audience before his new talk show has even aired! Check out the news story below! (Thanks to Radio Facts for the story!)

NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution has sold “Steve Harvey” in more than 55% of the U.S. for its debut in national broadcast syndication next Fall 2012, it was announced today by Barry Wallach, President, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.

The new one-hour talk show hosted by TV personality, comedian, radio show host and best-selling author, Steve Harvey, has been sold in the nation’s top markets to station groups that include NBC Owned Television Stations (as previously announced), Fox Television Stations and CBS Television Stations. In addition, “Steve Harvey” will air on stations from Hearst Television, Cox Communications, Capitol Communications Company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Local TV, Lin Television and more.

“We are very pleased with the fantastic feedback that we have received over the past few weeks for the upcoming ‘Steve Harvey’ talk show,” said Wallach. “Steve has wide audience appeal and is a proven television ratings winner, and we are thrilled with the tremendous reception within the marketplace.”

In his new daytime talk show, Steve Harvey will bring his fresh, insightful and common sense approach to life’s funny moments that we all experience. Each weekday, Steve will cover a vast range of relatable topics such as marriage, dating, parenting, workplace, friendship and the daily dramas we face throughout our lives.

Steve Harvey is produced by Endemol USA with Harvey and Rushion McDonald serving as executive producers. The show is distributed in broadcast syndication by NBC Universal Domestic TV Distribution.

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  1. Crystal Morrison

    I’m requesting a form for tickets to the Steve Harvey talk show. Thanks!

  2. Vickie Young

    Thanks for a chance to receive tickets to your new show! I’m a huge fan!



  4. brittany

    Me and my fiance really need tour help steve please. Invite us on your show. Your the only person that I think can help us

  5. Debrah Singer

    RE: 8/14/2013 You had guests who had subjected their daughter to a public shaming ritual.
    My Mother and I observed a parent doing the same thing to his daughter. We wheeled into the parking lot, we engaged the father and the daughter in conversation. I took the sign, joined the child on the tailgate of the pickup and assured the father that I would remain there until he re-thought his position. This “punishment” is medieval, when I mentioned to the father that this had been passé since “The Scarlet Letter”, his face remained blank…..he had not had the opportunity to attend high school; his step-father was also a harsh unsympathetic parent. Nothing will change with an acting out teen until the parents accept their part in the family dance. The parents raised the child and taught her the values she exhibits. I know this from personal experience; nothing changed with our oldest daughter until we got our act together as parents. The problem was not our girl, the problem was our approach to parenting . Today she is a phenomenal woman with a masters degree and a loving husband. Please, use your ability to reach people to get parents to become accountable, then, and only then will their children be accountable for themselves.

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