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Steve Harvey Responds To Drama With Ex- Wife!

Comedy News

In case you have been under a rock for the last week and you haven’t heard, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary made some serious allegations about him, and many of them are pretty serious.

One of them is that she states that Steve left her and was cheating on her with another woman (that woman is who he eventually married) and that she is dead broke, What’s even more amazing is that she posted several videos about this on and she goes into more dirty details.

As we all know, Steve has been pegged as the relationship expert with his 2 books on the New York Times Best Seller list, and since this news has started to spread word has come to us that his sales have started to decline in book sales and some folks have written in to complain to several bookstores to complain.

While all of this is going on, Steve’s new wife Marjorie refuses to be labeled as the home wrecking, gold digger that ex wife Mary paints her as, and she has even threated to sue because of the statements.

Here’s what we hear; according to reports Mary only gets $1000.00 a month from multi millionaire Steve Harvey.

It should also be stated that when Steve responded on his popular radio show about this he stated “The part that’s hurtful in this is my wife and children had to be drugged (sic) into this…” he said. “If you’re going to be vindictive go ahead and aim it at me, but my son is coming in the room crying and that’s also her son, so why would you do this?”

Anyway, here is a part of Mary’s interview that she posted:

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  1. Southern Girl

    What took Mary so long! I don’t know maybe not handling things fair? I wonder what she can do with $1000 a month?

  2. Bette Jean

    It’s a shame that things had to come to this point. I really like the man Steve Harvey represents. He changed his life and inspired others to do the same. No one is perfect, but we should strive to be respectful of each other, including the ex. I am sorry that Mary felt compelled to air their dirt in the public. I hope the two of them can work this out in private and leave the children out of it. We don’t need to know that their son is crying or how much money Mary gets a month. That’s what lawyers are for. We all have war stories! I say pay her off privately, and have her sign a contract. Have a family meeting, go to family counseling, and move on! And PRAY!!!

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