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Steve Harvey Goes On The Offensive Against His Ex-Wife!

Comedy News

We just discovered that comedian Steve Harvey is not taking the allegations being thrown around by his ex-wife anymore. We hear that Harvey is joining forces with his wife Marjorie and is taking his ex-wife, Mary, to court over the videos she posted on Youtube.

Harvey is requesting she be hit with sanctions for allegedly violating an injunction against talking about their case in the media or on the internet, his lawyer Bobbie Edmonds told CNN.

Mary posted a three videos on YouTube over the weekend where she says Steve was a cheater and that his current wife, Marjorie, had an affair with Steve while he was still married to Mary.

A judge set a date of February 7 to hear Steve’s request for sanctions against Mary.

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  1. TraceyW

    Steve. Stop the madness. I watched Mary’s videos, and she was very sincere – and obviously in a great deal of pain. I remember how surprised I was when you remarried so quickly. Now I understand from the emails you shared with Marjorie while you were still married to Mary. You and Marjorie have done enough to that poor woman. Just walk away…

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