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Steve Harvey Drops Proof Against His Ex!

Comedy News

According to our friends at EURWEB, comedian Steve Harvey has let off a serious weapon in his argument against his ex-wife; PROOF!

Yep, Harvey was unable to say what he really thought until recently because of a gag order, but the courts recently allowed him to go on the offensive. Check out the article;

Steve Harvey’s reps say a Texas judge has approved the release of a legaldocument “which verifiably proves” that the allegations from his ex-wife Mary Harvey (spurred by her appearance on YouTube) were indeed false.”

Despite an existing gag order in the case stemming from their 2005 divorce proceedings, the Honorable Judge Dry of the District Court in Collin County has temporarily lifted the order “so that Steve Harvey will have the opportunity to set the record straight with the hope that the plethora of media outlets that reported these false allegations wlll now report the truth,” read an e-mail sent to EUR from his reps.

Steve’s camp says the released document disproves the following allegations from Mary:

(1) Mary Harvey was not left broke or destitute by Mr. Harvey after their divorce in 2005.  She was paid $40,000/month until March 2009 and then paid a lump sum of $1.5 million;

(2) Mary Harvey was not left homeless after her divorce from Mr. Harvey in 2005.  She was awarded three (3) homes in their property settlement;

(3) Mr. Harvey is the primary custodian of their 13 year old son, whom Mary Harvey willingly put on an airplane to his father.  Mary Harvey sent him to his father without Mr. Harvey’s knowledge; and

(4) The 2005 divorce of Steve and Mary Harvey was granted on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and his current wife was not named in the original divorce proceeding nor was she the cause of the marital break-up.

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  1. Longhorn The Comedian

    See, this is the reason I get a prenup signed by every woman I date over 30 days…

    It seems that everything is about the money anymore…

    • Nicole

      That’s real…protect what’s yours!

  2. Sheree

    I hope this helps shut up all this nonsense that really wasn’t the worlds business to begin with! Much more success to you Steve and may god help your ex wife to move on!

    • charlotte starr

      I’M so glad this has came to the forefront ,she got money ,property and she still a’int satisfied.Rather than go on with her life and eventually find happiness and love with someone else she would rathe tear her son’s FATHER DOWN!! If he was all those TERRIBLE things she’s been saying he is why the HELL WOULD SHE SEND HIM TO LIVE WITH SUCH AN UN-MORAL PERSON????

      • kevin

        LOl people this is called propaganda did you actually see the document for yourself and this article just says what the document is reported to say, they did not include the document in the article do not believe everything that you read, this is just being put out to clean his image, where is the actual documnent

        • Ron Kelly

          If this was settled in California then it is a public record and the documents can be viewed online by going to the state of California’s public records recorder in Sacramento.

  3. Jovan

    Just because we see a “typed up” form on here, stating what is suppose to be the truth doesn’t make it the truth. I could’ve typed this up

  4. bria

    She’s just no good! I knew Mr. Harvey was better than that, I knew it!

  5. Tatica Patton

    Thats right steve get her back.. She must wanted some type of attention to come at you like this. This is an angry woman talking and Iam surely glad that you have set the record straight.. Much love goes out to you and your family

  6. ComedianStevieMack

    $40K per month X 48 months = 1,920,000 + $1.5 Mil and 3 homes = apparent only enough to keep you quiet for 6 years!

    • WOODY

      I have to agree with you on that.

  7. LadyT

    From the minute I saw the youtub episode I felt that Steve’s ex-wife was (I’m sorry ladies) bitter!

  8. Libra

    I’m so sick of people acting like it’s any of their business what grown folks do, but since it is out this is my 2 cents. She apparently didn’t have a word to say as long as she had money. Once the money started running out then she wanted to bash him in public so she could get sympathy from other broke, man-hating, bitter black women with nothing better to do with their time or day. She receiced more than she should’ve received in the first place and she was satisfied until she couldn’t keep up with the lifestyle she had when she was with him and all of HIS money. This is the type of person that makes ALL black women look bad. And to ANY black woman who sides with this desperate excuse for a black woman I will say be careful who side you sit on when the chips are down because this is the same person that will turn on you when they have everything they want and no longer need you or your sympathy and support. I believe that we should stand up for what’s right, but if you think bashing a man’s character and mud-slinging is a way to get what you want, then you’re sad and sadly mistaken. Get your own money and stop gold-digging and supporting other gold-diggers. There are some real good women out here that know a lying, 2-faced, back-stabbing digger when they see it and Mary Harvey is one.

  9. comedic1


  10. 4reel

    She just showed her ass like folks were saying. The well must be dry for her to come bitchin about Steve 6 yrs later. That ain’t nothin but Greed.

  11. Vincent B. Moore

    I am glad to finally get Steve’s side of the story. It is so sad that our Black Women seem to think that they become privileged when they rise up from the ashes in Hollywood. They seem to forget that their rise to fame came off the backs of their Hollywood spouse. And when their is a breakup then they tend to turn to the childish and adolescent side of their particular character flaws. Hence the outright lying and messy mudslinging. Luckily for us, Mr.Steve Harvey held to his guns and weathered the storm, and rose above this evilness.

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