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Stacey Dash Quits Single Ladies!


As we told you several weeks ago, actress Stacey Dash wasn’t fired from Single Ladies, but today she dropped the bomb on producers and quit. Here’s the story:

In a somewhat surprising move, actress Stacey Dash has decided to leave VH1′s new hit series “Single Ladies.” The show is set to begin filming its second season soon, but Dash, who played Val on the series, released a statement today informing fans that she won’t be returning.

“I truly enjoyed playing Val on ‘Single Ladies’, but I have decided to leave the show. I have to be back in L.A. with my children right now and the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location makes that impossible. I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show and in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in season one.”

This news comes weeks after both co-star LisaRaye McCoy and show creator Stacy A. Littlejohn put to rest rumors of Stacey leaving the show after supposedly having issues with the cast.

VH1 responded to Stacey’s decision to leave with the below statement:

VH1 respects Stacey’s decision and her commitment to what she feels is best for her family. We thank her for all of her hard work in making ‘Single Ladies’ a success right out of the gate, and we wish her nothing but the best in her future plans.

“Single Ladies” was recently renewed for a second season after its debut season on the network broke and set records with a large audience.

Source: VH1

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  1. 4reaal

    She didnt take that into consideration when took the role in the first place that she’d be away from her kids??? Naw, her and Lisa Raye went toe to toe and Rayes ghetto azz probably scared her off.

  2. Nuyorican45

    Whatever her reasons are, she has to do what is right for her. The last thing anyone wants to do is work in a miserable environment. God be with you Stacey..




    All of you need to lay off of my girl LISA. She was the show. It gets a bit stuffy seeing someone stuckup all the time. But now LISA I see daily when I look in the mirror. Classy, Pretty, and on top of her game. By Stacy

  5. Tina

    I agree I think Lisa Raye scared her off…its really sad because there arent any good black dramas on and single ladies was actually really good. Hope they can recover. I wonder if they will just recast Val?

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