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‘Sneakerheads’ Comedy Series Is Set to Premiere on Netflix

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Attention sneaker lovers, there’s finally a comedy show for you and it’s coming next month. From creator Jay Longino and Complex Networks, “Sneakerheads,” is set to premiere on Netflix Sept. 25.

The six-episode comedy series stars Allen Maldonado as Devin, a former sneakerhead turned stay-at-home dad, who finds himself back in the sneaker game and $5,000 in debt after falling for a friend’s scheme. The show then follows Devin as he works to get his money back with help from a group of fellow shoe fanatics as they go on a global hunt to a find a pair of coveted kicks.

“Sneakerheads,” a Complex Networks Production, is directed by Dave Meyers and also stars Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Jearnest Corchado, Matthew Josten, Yaani King Mondschein, Justin Lee and Aja Evans.

For those that can’t wait to see sneakers steal the screen, there are plenty of movies and TV shows so help with your anticipation for “Sneakerheads.” Watch Back to the Future II, for instance. Nike was already an established household name in 1989, the year “Back to the Future II” premiered. But a cool cameo — and futuristic, self-lacing sneakers atop a hoverboard from the athletic brand — turned into a key onscreen moment. The fantasy Marty McFly shoes would eventually lead to the production of the very real Nike Air Mag.

If you’re looking for the real thing, however, check out the documentary “One Man and His Shoes” from Vice TV. The doc covers the phenomenon of Air Jordan sneakers with an emphasis on their social, cultural and racial significance. It will also show the groundbreaking marketing strategies employed that helped to create a business that amasses billions of dollars. Included in the documentary are interviews with people associated with Jordan and his sneakers, such as his former agent David Falk, late NBA commissioner David Stern, famed retired sports marketing exec Sonny Vaccaro, Air Jordan 1 designer Peter Moore, famed sports journalist Jemele Hill, sportswriter and sneaker expert Scoop Jackson and Nike marketing and ad exec Jim Riswold.

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