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Sketch Spotlight: WATCH Comedian Angelina Spicer’s ‘Black Flo- The Progressive Girl’!

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Comedian Angelina Spicer’s newest parody of Flo’, the Progressive girl was a clear, yet risky choice. Using the current social climate of White privilege and racial inequality as her backdrop, Black Flo appears in the Privilege Superstore, eager to offer privileges that allows minorities to buy a home, travel freely through the south or rob thousands of people and not be held responsible.  Flo’ is one of the most iconic brand mascots to ever hit the scene and chameleon Angelina knew that this character deserved to be spoofed!

Angelina Spicer has established herself as The Queen of Transformation after playing colorful characters like Snow Black and Mrs. Butterworth on Conan. Her comedy pedigree is solid having built a substantial online presence with her portrayal of Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj on the Disney’s Web series Electric Spoofaloo. Some of her other work has been featured on,, and The Wall Street Journal.

“Privilege,” which was written and directed by Spicer teams her with fellow actor Kareem Grimes.

Watch the link below:

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