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Sheryl Underwood Leaves Tom Joyner Show To Join The Steve Harvey Show!

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Today we got bombarded with a lot of news about comedian Sheryl Underwood, and to be honest, as of this writing there is still so much going around we can’t sift through all of it.

But this much is certain; Underwood is no longer apart of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Now we have heard reports that Underwood just quit abruptly and there have been reports that she left after giving Joyner the appropriate amount of time before she resigned.

Maybe the folks at the Tom Joyner Morning Show are just upset because it seems that Underwood has joined the competition- The Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs in 64 markets and has more than 7 million listeners. One thing is for certain and that’s with her move, she’s made quite a few people upset.

According to several outlets, she has forever burned her bridge with the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Radio One and all of its affiliate companies. Plus there was the supposed bashing of Tom on Steve’s show, and all of the other so-called comments.

Although folks are saying she did a dirty deed, Underwood denies that she did anything wrong.“I was just on Steve’s show to promote the clubs I was in various cities,” she added. “Even though I am no longer a contributor to TJMS I will continue to support Tom Joyner’s Take A Loved One To The Doctor, The Virtual College Tour and HBCU’s 100%…I said as much to Oscar Joyner in a very warm phone call. This new work with Steve,” she noted, “allows me the opportunity to expand my brand into different avenues. It’s the chance of a lifetime. It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

Underwood will be missed and may be hated on while she transitions. Despite hurt feelings and sad faces, she is glad she made the move.

What do you think happened?

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  1. V Lamar

    Tom sometimes can be cynical!! Sheryl seemed to have to explain herself when she cracks on some folks!! He seemed a bit stuff shirt about some of her jokings. He interupts alot too.. Yes it’s his show but she is the comedian not him!!

  2. OmereyPR

    Whatever!! Go Sheryl!! This is a business and she is a brand and it ain’t personal so get over it. There are a lot of great comedians that would love the break so move on. If they don’t wish her well then they are petty and classless.

  3. D'Militant

    There’s plenty of comedians who’d like to try and fill Sheryl’s shoes. Everybody will be ust fine.

  4. MichaelHighbaugh

    I heard Sheryl on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. From the guest spot to her now regular spot. Nothing negative mentioned about TJMS or any of its staff. Actually, I feel it is a great move. Tom Joyner is becoming more and more self centered on his show. He has one of the funniest men on staff, J. Anthony Brown. I feel J is way to under-used while Tom tries to be the host, the comedian, and the guest (he dominates interviews; outshining the guest). So Sheryl, you do the doggone thing and continue to make yourself, The Zeta-Girls and us Sigma Men proud.

  5. Woody

    I don’t know what happened. I wish she would tell us.

  6. TJMS listener

    I loved sheryl on tjms and i think she made a nice addition but to just leave like she did is in-ex-cusable. i won’t be listening to her anymore or the steve harvey show. i just don’t like him anymore. of course this is MY opinion and MY views and I am just a listener!!! More power to all and what goes around comes around…

  7. Romeo

    To each his own. I just wish anyone leaving a popular show would announce it themselves instead of the listeners having to guess. TJMS is a good show and they all feed off each other, and it’s not the same when anyone is missing.

  8. TJMS Chicago listener

    Sorry to see Sheryl make that move. I don’t like Steve Harvey’s show. He’s about putting more money in Steve Harvey’s pocket. Tom Joyner is always looking out for HBCU’s, single mothers, single dads and anyone in the community trying to do something positive. He also shines a light on the black view of american politics and black issues. I’ll miss her on Tom Joyner. I always have thought she should have more national exposure via HBO specials, but I won’t listen to Steve Harvey…never have.

  9. V BROWN

    Excuse me, but just what IS this so-called “BLACK” view on American Politics and Issues? I am just as black as the next black person, voted for Obama, Clinton (twice), and support my community, but I don’t understand this so-called “BLACK” view eluded to in another comment. Black people don’t have a monolithic view….we are a diverse people and see things differently in diverse ways. I wish people would stop saying a “BLACK” view. I can’t stand when Tom Joyner does it, and I can’t stand when people say it. I wish Sheryl the best…it’s a business. When radio stations cancel your radio show (and they do it every day), they don’t tell the DJ/air personality. One day, they show up to work and are told “your services are no longer needed.” That didn’t happen this time. This time Sheryl rolled out. Funny how it’s “just a business” when radio fires people, but when people quit suddenly for a better opportunity oh, now, it’s all about “being professional.” Gimme a break. Sheryl, do you, boo!

  10. SuzzyQue

    Good for Sheryl! Sybil’s fat azz was always cynical towards her anyway. She always acted as if she had a problem with Sheryl’s jokes – I’m glad she left – she should have left sooner. I hate Steve Harvey and will never listen to his fake azz either – but I am definitely done with TJMS for good now. I would only tune in to hear Sheryl and then tune them out! Now I don’t have to bother at all. Thanks Sheryl!

  11. marie

    I love Sheryl underwood. Sheryl do you baby. I will support you no matter what you do. She keeps it 100, I love that about her. If The Steve Harvey show allows her the opportunity to expand her brand into different avenues. Tom Joyner Morning Show didn’t allow her to do that. Then I say go for it. Like Sheryl said It’s the chance of a lifetime. It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Go for it Girl. Love you sherly underwood…………..

  12. MJAMES


    Everyone does not think the same but there is a predominant view. Marketers are effective act recognizing it and recording companies are geniuses at utilizing it. Ad agencies like African American Images and others can show that there are certain preferences that the dominant Black consumers and producers look to and for. That does not mean everyone agrees but MAJORITY DOES RULE. Most importantly, MAJORITY SPENDS MONEY. Read the following PBS Article and know that is does not mean “all”, just most. Whatever the case, there are clear and measurable patterns based on historical experiences and expressions.

    Go Sheryl! Do YOUR thing girl!

    “The 1970s reflected a new spirit of racial pride in African Americans. Inspired by the Black Power Movement, blacks began to develop new cultural identities based on self-defined values. African and African American culture and history were celebrated and the slogan “Black is Beautiful,” was embraced as a strong statement of pro-black group identity.

    American businesses were interested in how black America was changing, but it was for economic reasons. The purchasing power of the black urban market was big and growing. However, blacks didn’t follow the same purchasing patterns as whites, and for many companies the black community was a mystery. Seeing this trend, Tom Burrell turned corporate America’s limited understanding of the black life and culture into a professional opportunity and in the process changed the face of American advertising.

    In 1971 Burrell founded a small advertising agency in Chicago to help large corporate clients connect with the expanding African American market. His genius was in creating advertising messages with positive social and cultural images of African Americans that also had a strong appeal for broader white audiences. Many corporations were unsure about using black culture to sell products, however Burrell was confident that America’s fascination with black life would draw viewers and create positive results.

    Today, Burrell Communication Group is one of the largest African American-owned advertising firms in the nation. Burrell, now Chairman Emeritus of the agency that bears his name, remains a nationally recognized leader in the fields of marketing and advertising.”

  13. black veterans

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you offer.

    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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