Red Grant Headlines A Peace Comedy Show At The Baltimore Comedy Factory This Weekend!

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With all of the drama coming out of Baltimore the past week and a half, it seems that Hollywood is stepping up to try to bring about some peace.

First up, the musician known as Prince released a statement that he will be having a free concert this Sunday for FREE and will be trying to raise attention and awareness so some funds can be raised and most importantly peace within the city.

Second, we hear that comedy has jumped in that scene too as we hear The Baltimore Comedy Factory is going to produce several comedy shows that will have Red Grant headlining all weekend, with the same thought; peace.

Grant is going to kick off the weekend May 7-9th at 8pm, located at 5625  O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD. Along with Grant will be several local comics and comedian Kevin Tate.

For more details call The Baltimore Comedy Factory at (410) 547-7798.


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