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Paul Anthony Of The Group Full Force Diagnosed With Deadly Form Of Cancer!


UNSUNG SPOILER ALERT– Last night in Los Angeles at the Savoy Club, we had the privilege to see the upcoming episode of the Full Force Unsung episode, and as usual TV One produced an excellent episode. As a matter of fact, we were almost disappointed because the episode was too short, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, as the story unfolded about the group that the world would come to know as Full Force, we were told that one of the group members, Paul Anthony, is fighting a deadly form of cancer and was told by his doctors that he didn’t have too long to live.

After the episode wrapped, Paul Anthony got on stage at the Savoy with other members of the group Bow Legged Lou and B-Fine and he expressed to the audience about his diagnosis, and that he had started his own foundation titled The Paul Anthony Foundation, and that “he wasn’t going to give up fighting” because he didn’t know anything else.

Stay tuned as we will post his entire speech in the next couple of days.

The Unsung episode featuring Full Force will air Monday night at 7PM EST/PST on TV One. For media inquiries please email

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  1. Gary Bailey

    I’m a big fan of Unsung, what a wonderful show!
    I watched last night about Full Force, I didn’t know anything about Full Force & came away from the story with so much respect for this group because of their strong family core! I would like to communicate with Paul Anthony & chat about his cancer & where he is with his diagnosis? I’ve lost 2 important men in my life to cancer(my Dad & last July my step Dad)so I’ve been hurt by this awful evil! So if he has time sometime please email me, you really touched my heart with your positive attitude & work ethic! Thanks for your courage to talk about this!!!

  2. Al Hendrickson

    To whom it may concern: message to Paul Anthony: research Dr. Max Gerson. You can be cured of cancer, brother.

  3. sonia

    I just had surgery Wednesday and Paul Anthony inspired me so much. I have been debating the need for further treatment. Seeing him has showed me chemo is not the end all.

  4. Jerra

    Not only I think Paul Anthony is handsome & has a beautiful voice but he is also a strong fighter.I will continue to pray for him that he will take it once step every at a time every day & that he’ll count his blessings.I wish to see him and his brothers one day in concert.I’m starting to listen to their early hits & they’re amazing!Hope they would come to New Orleans soon I love them in House Party 1&2.I am also following their Twitter fan page.Be Strong Paul!Ily.

  5. S

    I pray in the name of Jesus for Paul Anthony. Ask God to do his part to heal you. Do your part of eating many fruit and vegetables. Seek those that target that particular area because God has that in the food he’s provided to us. And others will be praying for you. Be blessed my brotha, God is surely a healer, even from sever cases of Cancer. He is a can do God.

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