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On This Day In Comedy… In 1999, ‘Bowfinger’ Was Released!


Bowfinger was released by Universal Studios.

Produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Frank Oz, this comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin is the story of a broke filmmaker, Bobby Bowfinger (Martin) shooting a film using major Hollywood star, Kit Ramsey (Murphy) without his knowledge or cooperation.  On a budget of $2,184, Martin assembles his motley crew to film his epic, Chubby Rain, a tale of alien takeover. Heather Graham plays a fresh-off-the-bus starlet screwing her way to the middle with Murphy in a duel role as the spoiled star and his goofy, slobbering twin brother, Jiff, used as an on camera double when the star Murphy disappears into the bosom of his cult-like religious organization, MindHead.

Bowfinger’s plan is working up until his climatic last scene.  Murphy the star comes out of hiding long enough to be caught up in a wild chase involving members of Martin’s pack of actors.  The finale takes place at an observatory with Murphy prompted to say the big line, “Gotcha suckas.”  Instead, the MindHead uppers shut down the films’ production.  All looks lost until some B-Roll footage of Murphy the star exposing himself to the Laker Girls giving Martin leverage to get his movie released without any criminal action.  The premiere is packed and the flick is a hit spawning a pairing of Martin and the goofy brother Murphy in a cheap martial arts movie.

Written by Steve Martin, Bowfinger was a critical success, receiving generally favorable reviews.  The budget was $55 million taking in $98,625,775.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton 

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