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New Tyler Perry Romantic Comedy To Cast William Levy Of 'Dancing With The Stars'!


According to an article in The Los Angeles Times, it looks like movie mogul Tyler Perry has started casting for his new romantic comedy film. Our sources are on the hunt to find out what the name of this new film is and who else is set to star, but for now we know actor and model William Levy is set for a role.

Check out the article in the LA Times;

Actor and model William Levybrought his Gorgeous Man Routine to Glendale earlier this week to play bartender to a lucky few folks.

The third-place “Dancing With the Stars” alum, who was recently named People en Español’s “sexiest man of the year” and is sometimes referred to as the Latino Brad Pitt, made a SoCal stop Monday to greet fans, flex his biceps, serve new limited-release, fruit-flavored Pepsi Next sodas and generally exist as a gorgeous man.

After he popped by the Americana at Brand mall in Glendale, Levy gave the Ministry some insight on his upcoming projects and, of course, the ladies.

Ministry of Gossip: So, what are you working on right now?

William Levy: Right now, I feel very blessed, let me tell you, because I had a meeting with Tyler Perry a couple weeks ago and now I have the opportunity to lead in one of his next projects, which starts filming in September. It’s a romantic comedy and, you know, I love love.

MoG: Tell us about your role

WL: I can’t. I can’t. I wish I could! It’s very nice. Very good. Not allowed to say more.

MoG: Ah. Well, Tyler Perry. Are you a fan?

WL: Absolutely! I respect the guy a lot. He comes from nothing, you know? He worked his way up, which I respect a lot. It’s very nice I have the chance to work with him.

MoG: OK, subject change: Jennifer Lopez. You two were quite saucy together in her “I’m Into You” video. What was it like working with J.Lo?

WL: (Laughs.) It was professional! Strictly professional. Seriously. I can tell you she’s really down to earth. It was a nice video shoot. A really nice weekend. I’m definitely still her fan.

MoG: (Awkward pause) Do you have a girlfriend?

WL: A girlfriend? I have lots of girlfriends — all over the country! You think I’m kidding? I’m dead serious. Girlfriends everywhere.


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  1. happy miriam grace

    u have girlfriends all over is that true thought u had some specific one dear.
    ma wish i to meet u at one point .thats all i want .i like u ,yo ………….

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