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New Episode Of The Hollywood Nights Featuring Independent Artists-And Comedy!

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Its a another new week for the show, what we tentatively call The Hollywood Nights- and this week the judges Howard Hewett (of Shalamar fame) and Steven Russell Harts (of Troop fame) are joined by actress- and our new HOST of the show- Tanjareen Thomas!  (Tanjareen is on this new season of Bounce TV’s Family Time) As usual Tanjareen bought some flair to the show!

If you are not familiar with the show, The Hollywood Nights is a show dedicated to the independent artists! The weekly judges are Hewett and Russell-Harts as they are joined by a different celebrity each week as they try to decide which independent artist wins for the week -out of the newest top ten songs submitted to the show. Unlike shows like American Idol where artists sing cover songs, this show judges the true artist; those who created their own songs and albums!

Anyway, at the end of a 10 week span, the winner will be selected and signed on to Howard Hewett’s new record label and will win more grand prizes (to be announced soon).

Anyway, listen to this week’s show below by clicking the link!

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